Yana Mocic was born in Berlin, Republic of Germany on April thirteenth, 1977. Her birth name is Yasmin which suggests pure. She emotional to America at the age of twelve and she discovered yoga there. She arbitrarily scan a life book by Patanjali whereas on a snowboarding vacation which driven her to undertake her initial yoga session. Yoga was a love of initial sight for her. Once her top notch at the age of twenty three, she immersed herself within the follow for innumerous hours every day. A number of years later she was improbably lucky to be a coach at Swami Ramdev’s Power Yoga studios in Los Angeles. Most of her learning happened throughout these years of teaching and being a student. She schooled at Hubble’s studios and numerous alternative locations throughout Los Angeles for seven years before she started her on-line categories on Youtube and on her web site.

Her sort of yoga categories is exclusive and powerful however musing and mild. She focuses on consciousness, body awareness, obtaining out of our own heads, finding the seventh heaven of this moment. She takes her students through a powerful or a delicate sequence seamlessly and offers attention to flexibility, strength, vessel capability, power, breathwork and dance equally.

Interval Yoga is intended to balance our hormones and though a physical follow it’s a powerful religious underlying. The short bursts of interval coaching latticed into the yoga categories are designed to spice up somatotrophic hormone – the hormone of Youth. There’s lots of research project behind Interval yoga coaching and also the world is however to be told concerning combining it with Yoga. Interval Yoga is on the fringes of practical movement and also the world of fitness and spiritual evolution before people as a superbly woven pashmina with apparently immiscible parts.

Yana Mocic is functioning on building an enormous library of on-line categories that may be a useful resource for any yoga – from moms to women in change of life or the other time during a woman’s life.

Saalam Namaste
Yana Mocic